Songwriting and Production Process

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Raincity’s songwriting and production process, reflective of their status as one of the top Canadian bands, is a collaborative effort that embodies their unique ‘Rage-Funk’ sound. It often begins with an initial kernel of inspiration – a lyrical idea, a catchy riff, a compelling beat, or even an intriguing chord progression. From there, an individual band member might develop the idea into a rough framework of a song, before bringing it to the group for further development.
During collective sessions, each member contributes their distinct musical sensibilities to the nascent composition. Clare Twiddy, with her stirring lyrical vision, often determines the emotional tone of the song, while her powerful voice brings the song’s message to life. Ryley Kirkpatrick’s electrifying guitar riffs, Cam Borthwick’s smooth bass lines, and Sean Hackl’s dynamic drumming bring a distinctive energy and rhythm to the piece. Finally, Jeremy Page’s saxophone and keyboard contributions add harmonic complexity and melodic intricacy to the composition, creating a rich weave of sound that defines their ‘Rage-Funk’ genre.
Once the band has collaboratively refined the song’s structure, lyrics, and melody, they progress to the recording phase. Here, they aim to capture the raw energy and emotional depth of their live performances, ensuring the recorded track represents their sound as authentically as possible. Post-production allows them to further refine the track, enhancing its sonic qualities and ensuring the final product resonates with their ‘Rage-Funk’ aesthetic.
Raincity’s collaborative approach to songwriting and production is a testament to their commitment to creating an authentic and innovative sound. Their process, while intensive and time-consuming, ensures that every song they produce is a true representation of the diverse talents within the band, and a meaningful addition to their unique ‘Rage-Funk’ repertoire.

Signature Tracks and Performances

Notable Tracks: A Glimpse into ‘Insomnia’

One of Raincity’s signature tracks, affirming their status as one of the best Canadian bands right now, is the compelling ‘Insomnia’. This piece stands as a testament to the band’s innovative sound and their talent for crafting songs that resonate with listeners on a deep, emotional level.
‘Insomnia’ encapsulates the struggles of sleep deprivation and the existential dread that often accompanies those sleepless nights. Twiddy’s powerful vocals capture the raw essence of these feelings, while Page’s haunting saxophone melodies create an ambiance of unease, echoing the theme of the song.
The creative development of ‘Insomnia’ was a collaborative process, as is the norm for Raincity. The song was born from a simple, catchy riff developed by guitarist Ryley Kirkpatrick. Twiddy then added her lyrical mastery, infusing the composition with stark, poignant imagery that highlighted the emotional undercurrents of the song. The rhythm section, led by Sean Hackl and Cam Borthwick, created the song’s backbone, providing a rhythmically intricate foundation that enhanced the song’s emotional depth. Finally, Jeremy Page added his signature saxophone and keyboard elements, creating a harmonic tapestry that unified the different elements of the song and amplified its overall impact.
‘Insomnia’ has become one of Raincity’s most recognisable songs and serves as a stunning showcase of the band’s distinct ‘Rage-Funk’ style. Its mix of raw emotion, rhythmic complexity, and harmonic richness perfectly encapsulates the creative synergy of Raincity’s band members and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of their genre.

The Magic of ‘Puzzle Piece’

Another standout track in Raincity’s ‘Rage-Funk’ repertoire, showcasing their prominence in Canadian bands alternative scene, is ‘Puzzle Piece’. As one of the band’s favourites to perform, this song carries a distinctive thematic significance. ‘Puzzle Piece’ explores the concept of identity and the journey of self-discovery, echoing the band’s own quest for their unique musical identity.
Clare Twiddy’s emotive lyrics and stirring vocals express this exploration with profound depth, while the skilful interplay between Ryley Kirkpatrick’s guitar riffs, Cam Borthwick’s bass lines, and Sean Hackl’s energetic drumming reflects the complexities and intricacies of the journey. Jeremy Page’s saxophone and keyboard contributions further enrich the narrative, adding layers of harmonic subtlety and melodic complexity.
What sets ‘Puzzle Piece’ apart is not just the lyrical depth and musical virtuosity that Raincity is known for, but also the powerful emotional resonance it carries for the band members and their audience. The song serves as a reflection of Raincity’s own journey – a band of diverse and vibrant individuals coming together to create a unique and compelling sound, like pieces of a puzzle fitting together to form a beautiful image. ‘Puzzle Piece’ is not just a song, it is a testament to Raincity’s unity, versatility, and the unending quest for musical innovation.


Raincity’s Album:Ohyeahnofursurebud (2023)

  • Release Date: February 3, 2023
  • Duration: 12 tracks, 45 min. 23 sec.

Experience the energetic beats of “Crabbuckit”, the infectious groove of “Jealous (I Ain’t With It)”, and resonating tracks like “I Love Myself Today” and “Sucks to Be You”. Take a nostalgic journey with “Sleeping Sickness” and “Sunglasses at Night”, and feel the anthemic “Happy Birthday” and introspective “Poets”. Raincity showcases their versatility as a band with hits like “River Below” and “We All Scream”. Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions that will leave you craving for more. Join Raincity on this enchanting musical adventure. Turn off the light and enjoy!

Raincity’s Album: A Proper Latte (2022)

  • Release Date: April 15, 2022
  • Duration: 8 tracks, 38:10

Get ready to dive into Raincity’s latest masterpiece, “A Proper Latte.” This album is packed with an eclectic mix of tracks that will take you on a musical journey. From the energetic beats of “Sweat!” to the introspective melodies of “Time” and the haunting vibes of “Insomnia,” Raincity showcases their versatility and talent.