Band Members of Raincity

Roles and Contributions of Raincity Band Members

The Raincity Band consists of talented musicians who contribute their unique skills and passion to create captivating music. Each member brings their own expertise to the table, adding depth and richness to the band’s sound.
The lead vocalist mesmerizes the audience with their powerful and soulful voice, while the guitarists create enchanting melodies and captivating riffs. The bassist and drummer form a solid rhythm section, providing the foundation for the band’s groovy beats. The keyboardist adds layers of harmony and texture, enhancing the overall sound.
Together, the Raincity Band members collaborate and harmonize, blending their individual talents to create music that resonates with audiences. Their dedication and commitment to their craft shine through in every performance, making them a force to be reckoned with in the music industry

Clare Twiddy on vocals

Vocalist of Raincity Clare Twiddy

Clare is the lead singer of Raincity. She is a talented singer/songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist who creates moody alternative pop music with influences from dubstep and electronica. She has been recognized for her contributions to the Lower Mainland’s funk rock scene and has performed with Raincity at various venues and festivals​

Kaylar Chan on tenor saxophone

Saxophonist at Raincity Kaylar Chan

Kaylar is a graduate of Douglas College’s Music Diploma Program and plays the saxophone for Raincity. She is noted for her vibrant style, engaging live performances, and her proficiency on the tenor saxophone. Her music is influenced by a mix of genres and themes, including anime, space fantasy, and psychedelica. Kaylar started Raincity with two other Douglas students and has performed with the band extensively​

Ryley Kirkpatrick on guitar

Guitarist Ryley Kirkpatrick

Ryley, the guitarist for Raincity, is educated in classical, contemporary, and jazz music. He is also a fan of metal and rock, showcasing his versatile guitar skills. He is capable of reading music, learning by ear, and memorizing music quickly, making him a proficient session player. Ryley has been a part of Raincity’s journey, performing at various festivals and events​

Carson Webber on bass

Bassist at Raincity Band

Carson plays the bass guitar for Raincity. He joined the band as a bassist, replacing the former member Ginger Pimentel. Details about his musical journey and influences are less specific in public sources, but he contributes to the band’s unique sound and performances

Sheldon D’Eith on drums

Drummer at Raincity Sheldon Deith

Sheldon is the drummer for Raincity. He has a strong passion for the dynamics and emotion behind drumming. His musical journey began in childhood and led him to study at the Berklee School of Music and Vancouver Community College School of Music. Sheldon is influenced by various renowned drummers and has been performing since he was twelve. He contributes significantly to Raincity’s dynamic stage presence and sound